# system

# fileName

generates a file name with extension or optional type

faker.system.fileName(); // benchmark_connect_synthesize.kpxx

# commonFileName([ext])

generates a file name with extension or optional type


Param Type Default
ext string faker.system.commonFileExt()
faker.system.commonFileName(); // small_frozen_pants_circuit.pdf 
faker.system.commonFileName('bob'); // rwanda_franc_back_up.bob

# mimeType

generates a random mime type

faker.system.mimeType(); // application/vnd.kde.kontour

# commonFileType

returns a commonly used file type

faker.system.commonFileType(); // image

# commonFileExt

returns a commonly used file extension

faker.system.commonFileExt(); // pdf

# fileType

returns any file type available as mime-type

faker.system.fileType(); // text

# fileExt([mimeType])

returns a file extension


Param Type Default
mimeType string faker.system.mimeType()
faker.system.fileExt(); // msi
faker.system.fileExt('image/jpeg'); // jpg

# directoryPath


Not yet implemented

# filePath


Not yet implemented

# semver

returns a random semantic version (opens new window)

faker.system.semver(); // 7.0.2