# company

# suffixes

Return array of company suffixes

faker.company.suffixes(); // ["Inc", "and Sons", "LLC", "Group"]

# companyName([formatIndex])

Return random company name. Using one of the following format options

  • {{name.lastName}} {{company.companySuffix}}
  • {{name.lastName}} - {{name.lastName}}
  • {{name.lastName}}, {{name.lastName}} and {{name.lastName}}


Param Type Default
formatIndex number 0-2
faker.company.companyName(); // Zboncak and Sons 
faker.company.companyName(0); // Nikolaus Group
faker.company.companyName(1); // Keeling - Lind 
faker.company.companyName(2); // Swaniawski, Howe and Leffler 

# companySuffix

Return random company suffix

faker.company.companySuffix(); // and Sons

# catchPhrase

Return random company catch phrase

faker.company.catchPhrase(); // Team-oriented context-sensitive conglomeration

# bs

Return random company bs

faker.company.bs(); // ubiquitous empower e-business

# catchPhraseAdjective

Return random catch phrase adjective

faker.company.catchPhraseAdjective(); // Down-sized 

# catchPhraseDescriptor

Return random catch phrase descriptor

faker.company.catchPhraseDescriptor(); // bi-directional 

# catchPhraseNoun

Return random catch phrase noun

faker.company.catchPhraseNoun(); // complexity

# bsAdjective

Return random company bs adjective

faker.company.bsAdjective(); // granular

# bsBuzz

Return random company bs buzz word

faker.company.bsBuzz(); // facilitate

# bsNoun

Return random company bs noun

faker.company.bsNoun(); // models